Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Break Forever!

It was Spring Break around these parts, recently.  And we have been enjoying it.  The kids got sick for the first couple of days (and spent those watching shows and playing wii and such).  But, when they got a little better they set about making mischief outside.  Most of it hole related.  Like the following:

  • Digging a hole in the middle of the yard.
  • Covering the hole with sticks to make a trap.
  • Filling previously mentioned hole with water.
  • Running through the hole and covering themselves with mud
  • Putting a bunch of sticks in the hole so they stuck straight out.  I guess it was another kind of trap.

It's been pretty hot around here the last week or so.  We even got out the sprinkler.  It mostly watered the lawn, but they ran around it a lot.  

It's been nice to sleep in a bit and not have a schedule for a little while.  It makes me excited for summer.  Though, not the heat.  Can it just be a warm spring forever?  Please?  

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Max - One Month

  • Max is already smiling!  It is so awesome.  Zach can even make him sorta laugh.  
  • Max loves to eat.  Though, unlike his siblings, once he falls asleep he won't just keep eating forever and ever.  Which is nice.
  • He does not like pacifiers.  They make him gag.  He'll only take one once in a while.
  • He loves to be held over the shoulder so he can look around behind you.  
  • He hiccups a lot.
  • He is waking up about every two to three hours at night, which is acceptable.  
  • He loves to sleep with his hands by his face.  He'll get at least one there no matter what. 
  • Max is forever grunting and such.  He's very noisy in general, which cries, grunts, coos, and hiccuping.
  • He often looks surprised.  Or concerned.  
  • He loves his brothers and sister.  And they absolutely adore him!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Maxwell Quinlan

After a long and productive day of kind of getting stuff done, Zach and I had fallen asleep putting the kids to bed.  I was laying on the floor next to Charlotte’s bed when Zach woke me up at 11:00 PM.  He helped me up onto me knees when I noticed a strange wetness.  Turns out my water broke.  It was four days before my due date and I have never gone into labor or even gone into labor on my own, so it was a big surprise.  So, we started to pack up for the hospital.  I kissed the kids goodbye and told them what was happening, but they barely gained consciousness.  We drove off to the hospital with Jonathan and Jenna in charge. 

Waiting and catching up on my journal - before the pain started

We got to the hospital at 12:30 AM and then we waited. And waited.  I was only at a two when we got there and it took till 6 AM to get to a 3.  I finally got the epidural around 6 AM and it gave some relief, but it didn’t have the same amazing effect as with the other deliveries. 
I went in and out a bit at this point, because I hadn't gotten much sleep, but they had to keep an eye on me with the medicine to make sure it didn't have a bad effect.  Also, they had started to notice that the baby’s heart rate went down every time I had a contraction.  When they told me about this, I got pretty worried.  The nurse told me that it was probably because the cord was wrapped around his neck, and the contractions made it tighten, but since it went back up after the contraction it was a sign that his brain activity was good.  I still spent almost an entire hour staring at the monitor watching the heart rate go down with every contraction and freaking out a bit every time.  

I got put on pitocin, which moved things along a little, but I had pretty much convinced myself that he was never coming out.  We had to wait a while longer and the contractions were getting a little stronger.  We actually had the sacrament brought to us right before I delivered, which was interesting.  

Once it was time it went fast.  I only pushed once!  And then Maxwell Quinlan was born at 11:10 AM!  The cord had been around his neck, but he was completely fine, just a lot purple.  They sat up my bed higher than I have ever sat before and I could actually see him come out, which was amazing.   The doctor cleared out his nasal passages and then they laid him right on me.  He was so tiny and purple.  His hands seemed huge for some reason and he had such long fingers and nails.  His tiny little toes had little triangle shaped nails.  I couldn’t believe how small he was!  So tiny! Once they laid him on me he had stopped crying.  I held him and kissed him for about ten minutes, then they took his measurements (7lbs 5oz and 21 inches).  They were saying how he was tiny but long.  

He ate amazingly well when they gave him back.  We just sat together while he ate and we chatted about his wonderfulness.   

Zach went and got the kids and brought them to meet their new brother.  They were crazy excited!

Charlotte and Maxwell

Sam and Maxi Q

Ben and the Mighty Quin

My boys

 Overall, it was a wonderful experience and we are so happy to have this new little angel in our family.  He is pretty much amazing!

As Ben put it when he first saw him: "I was worried he wouldn't be as cute as he is.  But he is cute. Three times cuter!"

Monday, November 4, 2013

Epic Quotations

It is no secret that I have not given this blog much attention in the last year or so.  But I have been saving quotes from the kids on random scraps of paper and email messages to myself during that time.  I've tried to put them in order from most recent to older, but it's not an exact science.  I'm sure there are a few more random papers or files kickin' around somewhere, but this will have to do for now.  Enjoy! 

 Ben, Charlotte and Sam with some Jack-o-Lanterns

Oct 2013
Zach: Oh, do you think that's funny?  
Charlotte: Yes.
Zach: Okay, let's be a little bit funny.  
Charlotte: No, let's be a big, big funny!

Charlotte: Bye, Mommy!
Katie: Bye, Charlotte.  Be a good girl!
Charlotte: Be a good Mommy!

(While trying to get me to read two books or something)
Katie: Wait, are we reading this one or this one?
Charlotte: No.
Katie: I don't understand.
Charlotte: Think, Mommy!

Sept 2013
Katie: (to Zach) Hey! You didn't kiss me.
Charlotte: Daddy!  Come and kiss Mommy!
Zach: Okay, bossy cow.
Charlotte: I not a bossy cow.  I a daughter!

Charlotte: (to Zach) You so big!  You as big as a house!

(playing Star Wars)
Sam: No, that asteroid field is too treacherous.
Ben:  It's an asteroid field.  They are treacherous.  Being treacherous is their game!

Katie: Come on, Charlotte.  Let's go inside.
Charlotte: (leaning over an ant hill) No, I'm gonna stay here with the ants.  I love them.  I love this one and this one and this one.  And I love this one and this one and this one and this one...

Sam: Do you love yogurt?
Charlotte: Yes!
Sam:  And I love you!
Charlotte: No!
Sam:  I don't mean the eating kind of love.

Sam: I haven't played it in years and probably weeks.

Sam: Hey Mom! If you kick the wall right there the radiation makes this thing fall.

Ben: (to Charlotte) You smell like you usually do.
Katie: What does she usually smell like?
Ben: Baby-ish!

Katie: Come on boys, clean up your room.  I'm not asking you to move mountains.
Sam: I wish you were, then we wouldn't have to do it.

Dec '12
Ben: (Pretending to be Frodo): Gandalf! Where have you been all this time? (Responding as Gandalf) Oh, ya know, just chillaxing in this bottomless pit.

Sam: The song says the best part of Christmas is the present you give away, but that's crazy!  Who thinks that?
Katie : What is the best part of Christmas?
Sam: The present you get.

Sam: (While I was figuring out how to play Yatzee) Mom, did you look up how to play Nazi?

Oct '12
(after rattling something around in a box)
Sam: Mom, do you think there is nothing in this box?
Katie: Um... it sounds like there is something.
Sam: Well, that was just a trick of the ear.

Ben: Water is his worst fear.  That and pickaxes.

July '12
Ben: (Holding a wet towel in the bath) It's a towel fish.  I know it's a funny name, but it's not a funny fish.  If you saw one in the ocean you would want to run away.

The whole fam on a hike up to Stewart Falls earlier this month

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Boxes are unpacked and removed.  Everyone's school has started.  Sleep schedules are slowly getting worked out.  Pictures are getting hung.  Cupboards are being filled.  Toys are being scattered about with reckless abandon.  So, we're slowly making this house a home.  I'll try and get the details sorted on our crazy-awesome summer and put them up, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Monday, June 4, 2012


So, I haven't really felt like blogging the last couple of months.  We've been up to things and having fun, I just haven't really felt like chronicling it much.  But, now it seems like I should probably just buckle down and play catch-up.      

Zach: After five long years of working towards a doctorate, Zach is finally about to become a for reallsy Ph D.  Very, very exciting.  Of course, after a year or so of serious thoughts and prayers, we've decided to go to law school at BYU.  It's scary and exciting and crazy, but we're doing it anyway.  We say goodbye to California in two weeks.  

Katie: Since we've known since January that we were going to be leaving, I've been going a little crazy going through our stuff and trimming the fat, so to speak.  On Saturday we had a yard sale where I sold the contents of 9 trash bags filled with stuff we don't really need.  I'm trying to simplify the house as much as I can before we move, partially to make the process easier, but mostly just to make our lives easier.  I've got a lot of things packed up already and have a good start, but with two weeks to go, I'm going a little bit crazy.

Ben and Sam:  Have been having great fun as usual.  They did a great job in their Spanish immersion preschool which ended last month and will now proudly answer "Si!" to most of Zach's Spanish-spoken inquiries.  They are starting school next year and I'm pretty terrified of that, but they seem pretty cool with it, though they say they don't want to leave Charlotte for that long.  Oh, and they had their two bottom teeth pulled by the dentist the other day!  Take a look for yourself.  



Charlotte: The sweetest, cutest, most loved little girl probably ever.  She's keeping herself busy being ridiculously happy one minute and terribly upset the next.  She is walking and even running around all over the place.  She is very independent and will wander all over the playground by herself if I let her.  She's starting to say little words like Mom, Da (Dad), bir (bird), and that's all I can think of right now.  But what she really does to communicate is scream and sing.  She's learned the Star Wars theme, Harry Potter theme, Jingle Bells, an a few others.  She'll just go around singing to herself.  Ridiculously cute.   

Things we've done in the last few months
  • Neighborhood Carnival
  • Visit from Zach's family
  • Trip up to San Fransisco
  • Charlotte's Birthday
  • Katie's Birthday
  • Garden walks
  • Yard Sale
  • Lots of playing around and good times

And that's the update for now.  Hopefully I'll feel like updating on a more regular basis.  We'll see.  

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Boy Talk

Sorry for the long hiatus. Here are some quotes from my almost six-year-olds to make up for it.
Sam: Charlotte has a vin in the vargant!
Katie: A vin in the vargant?
Sam: Uh-huh!
Katie: What does that mean?
Sam: I don't know. Mom, sometimes when you say something you don't know what it means.

(looking at a picture of a lady doing a crazy yoga position)
Katie: Wow! That's crazy!
Sam: No, that's awesome.

(When Sam was sharing bubble gum with Ben)
Ben: What?!? Pink?!?
Sam: Ya, that's the only color they come in. Just chew it and it tastes yummy. But after a while they don't taste yummy.

(While building with legos)
Ben: Mom, I'm gonna build something that blows your mind!

(While at the store)
Sam: Can we get that?
Me: Huh?
Sam: Can we get that?
Me: Umm... well...
Sam: Oh, Mom, another thing... Can we get that?

Zach: Uh-oh, someone left a bunch of candy on the floor. I'm gonna eat it. Munch, munch, munch!
Sam: Ah! Ben, go and save my candy!
Ben: No way. Go and save your own candy.

(While drawing)
Zach: How Should the zombie's mouth be?
Sam: It's open all the time, cause they say, "aaaaaahhh..."
Ben: Ya, zombies say "ahhh" all the time.

(After Zach said he was leaving to have fun at school)
Sam: Umm... Dad, you're a grown up now, and you're married. You don't have any school now. Well, no school where you have fun.

(About a little boy Sam was playing with at the playground)
Katie: How old was he?
Sam: Well, he was pretty little. He didn't speak human yet.

Sam: Mom, you'd better pull your pants up.
Katie: Why? Can you see my bum?
Sam: No, I can see half your underwear.

(About Charlotte)
Sam: She's like the best sister I ever had!